Hilbey Times is a publication which began in 2019, the paper highlights and profiles community issues, in Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville and surrounding areas. Hilbey Times has two primary objectives, the first is to provide the  inner-city community with news that highlight and profile community issues especially those that affect immigrants, since they are the ones who make the largest population of that area.

While the second objective is to empower its community by offering SMME’s business owners an opportunity to market themselves in order to grow, by providing a quality newspaper with competitive advertising rates.

Content & editorial

Hilbey Times provides content that is about the community of the inner-city of Johannesburg. The paper touches on the following: – Projects within the community

– Crime

– Opportunities available to the community

– Education – Obituaries

– CD/ Books/ Film reviews – Arts & Culture

– Sports

– Events and Entertainment Distribution

Hilbey Times strives to always deliver in areas where the inner-city community has regular access. This ensures that that the paper is readily available and accessible.

Distribution Places:

– Government Departments

– Educational Institutions

– Shopping Centres

– Taxi Ranks

– Advertising Agencies

– Community Centres

– Certain businesses

– Libraries

– Police Stations

– Post Offices

– Clinics

– Banks

Distribution Areas:

– Berea

– Hilbrow

– Louis Botha avenue shops

– Yeovilee

– Joubert park

– Doornfontein