No matter what language this word is translated in, no matter how many times you say it, COURAGE means the same thing!
Hello my friends! I am sitting here at my desk again this week, thinking about AFRICA, her people and culture; I’m not thinking of our differences but the similarities we all have as humans, custodians of this majestic world that UNKULUNKULU/GOD created for us! I have heard stories of the

courageous acts of your past legends and hero’s, your modern martyrs and people of faith from your lands!
As an American, we too have our stories, legends, myths and fables! Stories of our hero’s of faith and warfare, legends of our earliest settlers, stories of our indigenous people, stories of people of color, AFRICANS, who were sold into slavery but remained strong and true even while in the bonds of chains! As a young teenager I became an American Marine; Courage and Bravery were two of the pillars of my Beloved Marine Corps, along with Faithfulness, loyalty, duty and honor! Just words on paper but powerful words when applied on one’s life!

A common denominator of any people no matter your skin tone or language is COURAGE! My Friends, Courage is the inner moral character that gives one strength to do brave things! By having ISBINDI we can overcome our fears, we can be brave in the face of imminent danger! For being brave is the outward result of the inner workings of COURAGE! Bravery is doing those things that are most dangerous and could result in our personal loss or catastrophe! Jehovah told the children of Abraham to “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Having the Courage of UJESU KRISTU, the one who faced personal death and alienation from his father, UNKULUNKULU, so that he could identify with us, with his creation, with all of mankind; That kind of courage, that faith gives us a brave heart to do those things which are right even in the face of certain personal loss or yes, even death! Doing the right thing takes courage my friends but not a since of false bravado! You can get drunk or high on drugs and do things that appear courage or brave! But in reality they are just foolish disguises to gain attention! On a personal note, I learned how to do a triple gainer off the high dive when I was drunk! Courage? No, just drunken foolishness!

But a man who will freely go to prison or to his grave for what he believes, “Yes My Friends, Nelson Mandela, but also Dietrich Bonhoffer of Germany and Watchman Nee of China – both martyred for their active belief in and service to UJESU” or a mother who will not compromise her morality for the fast dollar of prostitution, as she sees her children suffer from malnutrition! These are people of character, people who through faith and courage do brave things! This is a similarity of Gods people that should be celebrated no matter what race or political affiliation they are a part of!

Qiniseka futhi ube nesibindi, ungesabi noma ungabesabi; ngokuba uJehova uNkulunkulu wakho nguye ohamba nawe. Ngeke akushiye noma akushiye. ”
Have a wonderful week My Friends and I will talk with you next week!…………………..Jeff

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