Operation Buya Mtheto Hits Eagle white Flat

Tenants of Eagle White flat found themselves at the end of the tip of a sharp spear , when Operation Buya Mthetho pounced on their doors. The building has been known to house criminals and the basement is used as a mini taxi rank for cross border taxis going to Zimbabwe (Omalayisha ) . The Operation was targeted at disconnecting illegal water and electricity connections. One tenant speaking on conditions of anonymity said that the operation began at 12 am this morning were they woke up to sirens and loud bangs on doors , She further said a number of people residing in the flat were arrested but would not tell why . Operation Buya Mthetho is a brain child of the former mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba which is targeted and building that have illegal connections to water and electricity within the city . A number of foreign nationals without proper documentation have been arrested as well .

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